This album comes from a long time ago, when I used computers to make music for the first time. Now that the technology is mature, I've rewritten and re-recorded these songs so you can listen to them.


released 03 July 2012



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Track Name: Study In Red
What is this? You think you're like Sherlock Holmes
Deducing things from what you've never seen
You're accusations hang around my neck like stones
Dragging me down to the bottom of the sewer

So take take this, and take this

You want take it as read
'Cause now you are dead
And this study in red
Is a study in red

I bet you didn't see that coming
Didn't see it at all

What is this? Some stuff coming from your head
Hit you once, you down like a dog
How am I gonna clean that stuff up from my rug
You're sitting there leaking patterns of red

You don't know nothing
Didn't see that coming
Make you bleed all over the floor
Won't be accusing me no more
Track Name: Let This One Through
Stopped here, stopped forever
You cannot go inside
Lost here, lost forever
Just waiting in a line
No one listens cos you're nobody
No one cares
They just treat you like you were
Never there

You're just waiting for someone to say
"Hey, let this one through"
Those four that would make you somebody
"Let this one through."

Sitting there keeping the step warm
You're looking through the door
Lookin' at the people inside there
You wonder who they slept with
And what the hell have they got
That you don't have
And who the hell gave suits to those monkeys
On the door

You'd think you were invisible
The way they look right through you
You'd think you were an animal
The way they push you

You're tempted to say to youself
"Do I need this?"
Sitting on the steps out in the weather
"Do I need this?"
Track Name: X
You're not mad, you're just overworked
Don't have to trust what you see
You got things, you don't even know it
Because you're out of your tree

You've got a partner called X
You've got a mortgage on X
You're owed some money by X
You've got a contract with X

You don't feel anything
You don't know what to feel
You're not real, you're nothing
You don't know how much is real

You stand on the street by yourself
You wonder where you should be
You don't know... Should you be at work?
Or with your family

It's no wonder you can't be yourself
Except when you're on the train
And you wonder if you're going mad
There's something wrong with your brain

That's right, just go to work
Avoid the issue again
You just hope that when you get home
Everything is the same

You've got a partner called X
You've got a mortgage on X
You're owed some money by X
You've got a contract with X
Track Name: Candy Claw
You're so mean, you're just bad
Don't make that face at me
I know you've had your share
No good asking me for more

Don't bite, don't scratch
The hand that feeds
Don't look like that
It won't work on me

You did it again
Just look at that scratch!
See there? You drew blood
Be a nice kitty

Why are you called that name?
It doesn't suit you at all
Nothing sweet in the claws
Nothing nice with those teeth
Track Name: Cleaver
Don't pick that up, leave it alone
It won't help you when you're by yourself
Don't wave that thing in front of me
It's far too sharp, you might cut yourself

Put it down, I won't tell you a second time
You might hurt someone with that cleaver
What you done? There's blood on the kitchen floor
I can't tell if it's your blood or mine

I don't believe that you did that
I did nothing, I just told you straight
I don't love you now, I never have
Now you've done this, I won't take it back

Don't like that cut, down to the bone
Don't like that cut, it bleeds too much
When I'm dead you'll be on your own
You don't listen, you never have
Track Name: Organism
One upon the other
Ride into the sun
Eating of another
Now the day is done

Sleeping by the embers
Keep the rest away
Listen to the rest call
Till the dawn of day

They're all made of the same thing
Blood and cells and sun
There's nothing between them
All the same as one

This one dreams of great things
Riding to the stars
Rides above the others
Sees things from afar

One without the others
Will slowly fade away
Listen to the rest call
Till the dawn of day

All made of the same things
Can't leave the rest behind
All made of the same things
No matter what he finds
Track Name: The Dream
When the sun draws low in the sky
When the heat bares down on the lazy street
Your eyes melt as you drift in the lazy shade
Your head calls out for sleep

Your hair flies loose as you drift into a dream
Your skin melts into a cloud
Your muse stands by casting shadows in the sun
The sky glows a fiery blue

And while the music plays
Your head falls into a dream
Track Name: Say Ugh!
Well it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks
It doesn't matter what they say
If they don't like it, that's their own fault
Just break out of their narrow minds

Say ugh!
Say yeah

I say we can choose our time and place
Don't listen to them criticize
Cos after all it's our life, not theirs
Express ourselves in our own way

Say ugh!
Say yeah

Start shakin' what you want
Ignore 'em if they say you can't
Say ugh the way you want
Say ugh! the way you can

Say ugh!
Say yeah

Throw off those chains of narrow minds
It's not as though they know what's best
Cos after all it's your life, not theirs
Don't have to be as shallow as them

Say ugh!
Say yeah
Say yeah
Track Name: The Birth Of Liquid Desires
I am of the earth
A creature of the ground
My birth-right lies beneath my feet
It's no use telling lies
No use living lies
I am the ground beneath my feet

And I flow like a river
Flow like the birth of a desire
And I fly like a bird
Fly like a bird my dreaming eyes

My dreaming eyes

And when I go
Her welcome arms
Take me back home
Into the ground

The bird of my desire
It lites upon the ground
The earth within its loving embrace
I shall not want for more
There is no more than this
One life within my loving embrace

Cha cha cha, cha cha cha

Empty promises their lying mouths behold
One life to live, one heart to bleed
One mother earth, one father sky
One universe, one end

I am like a river, I flow
My mind is a river, it flows
Life is like a river, it flows
From one form to another, it flows
Track Name: When I Was A Grasshopper Child
I remember myself at the age of ten
When I was a grasshopper child
I remember the thoughts that came into my head
When I was a grasshopper child

Those thoughts were:
Eat, sleep, breed, fly

I remember... well, actually I don't
Cos a grasshopper hasn't any mind
It's all about instinct
The things that you do
The things you can't resist if you tried

Eat, sleep, breed, fly
Track Name: Severed Head
There was an accident
On the north bound line
Some woman jumped onto
The railway line
Her head lay on the ground
With her body far behind
Why did she jump onto
The railway line?

The driver saw it all
They took him away
And every night to come
He'll dream of the day
And I stood staring at
The head at my feet
Who knew a train could make
A cut so neat?

There was a time, once upon a time
Where every body, had a head to wear
But now it's gone, her head is gone
It's severed at the bone
And the body is gone

I saw a face, with a pair of eyes
Staring skywards, no emotion to show
But now it's gone, her life has flowed
And those eyes stare at nothing
But the last sight she saw
Track Name: Face Full Of Lead
You think you're real cool man
Know how to pack a piece
You think you know what to do
When someone gives you grief

Shoot him down like a sucker
Give him a face full of lead
But he's a quicker draw than you man
He's gonna shoot you dead

You're on the street with a face full of lead
The only place you're going is a hospital bed
You thought you were good but now you're near dead
You don't look so smart with a face full of lead

You got your own little empire
You walk your own little beat
You think that no one can touch you
When you're on your street

When someone tries to jump you
You know what you're gonna do
You'll face him down with your handgun
But has he got one too?

When everyone packs a handgun
Then what will you do?
Pull your piece on some sucker?
Maybe he's tougher than you

You get caught in a shootout
And everyone's getting hurt
You wind up full of lead
Face down in the dirt
Track Name: Blue Light
Blue light flashing
In a red light town
Nobody's gonna stand in their way
Gonna take them down

They take your body
They take your mind
Got no rights if you don't believe
Gonna run you out

Dressed all in blue
They're the thought police
Don't conform, and they'll run you out
So you better believe

They take your freedom
And give you fear
Nobody's gonna stand in their way
They're the secret police

You better keep away from their town
Gonna let nobody pull their blue light down
You better keep away they'll steal your mind
They'll call you a consumer
And sell you when you die

They'll trade the truth
For a comfortable lie
Ask no question or they'll find you out
So just don't ask why

They take respect
And give you fear
Do their dealings behind closed doors
Where you cannot hear
Track Name: Blood On A Portrait Of James Gleeson
Blood on a portrait of James Gleeson
And when you bought it the bloodstains run
Painted face bleeding runs down the wall
Though when you clean it it just runs more

Blood on a portrait of James Gleeson
Perhaps its haunted, cursed on someone
Pierced eye is looking, staring at you
And when you touch it, it's painted new

The face on the canvas stares at you
The blood runs down no matter what you do
Blood on the portrait when you put it away
Looks no better in the light of day
Track Name: White Cat, Black Suit
White cat, black suit

It's no good looking at me like that
You know it, don't pretend that you don't
Stop purring, you know it's no good
Those white hairs on my new black suit

I'll get you, you're the devil itself
It's no good, you wipe off that smug look
You bad cat, you do it all the time
From now on you can live outside

White cat, black suit
Track Name: Ache
There's something missing deep inside
It's torn from within
The image plays across my mind
All over again
Everything that once was new
Has worn away
Still searching round for something else
I wish you would stay

I feel this ache inside
Aching for something new
And when you're by my side
I know you feel it too
It preys upon my mind
Don't know what I might find
If only we could start
But not while we're apart

I'm aching all over again
Just thinking what to do
I feel it with me now and then
I know it's in you
I'm searching for it in your mind
And in your every part
Within you I don't know what I'll find
If only I could start