This is an album I've turned out for the 50 Songs In 90 Days challenge: fiftyninety.fawmers.org


released 29 August 2012



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Track Name: I Can See It In Your Eyes
You stare at nothing
I catch you at it day after day
And I can't reach out
I don't know anything I can say

I know these are dangerous thoughts
You are thinking
Even though you never would share
I know it all the same
I can see it in your eyes

I only wish that
You'd just take care of yourself
You can't take the weight
Of the whole world on yourself
Track Name: Tortion
It looks like someone's causing trouble again
I can hear raised voices in the next room

And it's not hard to guess who started the fight
Who's wound up tight, who's gelignite with a lit fuse
And he'll wind it up, he'll tortion that screw
It seems to be the only thing he will ever do

Drama always follows in his wake
He just likes to argue for it's own sake
He just likes to wind you up
He just likes to turn the screw
Always gonna stir the pot
What can you do?

It looks like someone's causing trouble again
Some wants to wind up all the tension in the room
He seems to get a kick out of winding people up
And it's only leading him to his own doom
Track Name: Softly Softly
At night mostly when your sleeping
You know I tiptoe round the room
And I play my guitar with the softest touch
Cos the sound might chase away the gloom

Softly, softly I play a song
But this song won't last very long
Cos I have to get up and turn on the light
And chase away the darkness of the night

It's the dead of night, and everyone's sleeping
But I'm wide awake even though it's 3 AM
Cos I know the darkness might come and claim you
If I don't chase this silence away
Track Name: Birdy Likes A Blue
Wanna sing a song but all the words are junk
Wanna be a star but I'm just a punk
Want a surfin' bird but I've come too late
Come out to the party but I got no date

Birdy likes a blue, birdy likes a blue
Singing like a banshee, but what you gonna do?
Birdy likes a blue, birdy likes a blue
Don't make a lot of sense, but you join in too

Try to go along with the whole pretense
You read the words but they make no sense
But I'll tell you again that birdy likes a blue
Birdy likes a blue and she's a blue to you too

Maybe it's the sun beatin' on your head
Or maybe you misunderstood what she said
But everyone's speakin' in some kind of code
And if the blue one rises gonna hit the road

If a bird in the hand is worth to in the bush
What's a bird worth if you to try to push?
Or maybe this bird can just sit on the fence
Sit waiting it out till it starts making sense
Track Name: Lucid Dream
When I laid down my head to sleep
Didn't know I would dream so deep
And in my dream I wandered far
Walked the earth under the stars

And I don't want to ever wake
As I wander in my dream

And everywhere that I desire
I can go on wings of fire
The whole world beneath my feet
As I dream this lucid dream
Track Name: Satiated Jills
There is a place called Satiated Jills
A low rent place where there ain't no frills
It's not the best diner to catch a bite
But it's the only place here open late at night

And I know you're in there
Running away for the thrill
But this food won't stay down
You're no satiated Jill

There's garbage on the floor cos the trash overflows
And the traps ain't been cleaned since nobody knows
The food is all served on a bed of grease
And letters from inspectors say desist and cease

It's a pretty poor meal that you force down your throat
While Satiated Jill take's your money and gloats
But she fancies herself as a mover and shaker
While all the good folks with a conscience forsake her

So come out of there and come home
Cos nobody can stomach this swill
And it's better to let the rats have their run
Than to give a single cent to Satiated Jill
Track Name: Faux Conrad In Space
Come on all you scurvy dogs
Put on your steel prosthetics
We're sailing into outer space

We'll sail on 21 gun spacecraft
That looks something like a world war one ship
So batten down all the space-hatches

Captain Hornblower was a mighty fine man
And Conrad wrote tales of the sea
So we'll cast them both out on the final frontier
And we'll sail the black, star-studded seas

The first mate's a robot with a parrot of steel
That sits on his shoulder and trills
And he carries a sword with a laser-light blade

The crew is half space-dogs and half space-marines
And they're paid in green Martian rum
And fight the space-pirates half-drunk

And we all look up at the stars
We pretend that the future has come
And the future looks just like the past
So we'll sail under glorious suns
Track Name: Methylated Spirits
She said she was an artist
But I learned too late
She was only in it for the drink
She'd do anything for the drink

She painted a portrait of me
But she couldn't hold a straight line
At first I didn't notice her decline
But only that she smelled of spirits

It's sounds so naive
When I say I didn't know
The palette and the brushes
And the paints were just for show
Cos although she smells of spirits
This is not to do with paint
Cos she crawled into a bottle
And the bottle is her fate

She was a wild, wild woman
Always up late at night
Never far from a pitcher of gin
Always up for a fight

So I left her on her own
Gave every excuse I could contrive
And in the end she stopped coming over
I wonder if she's still alive

I read the paper
Looking for her name
In the obituaries
But it never came
Track Name: The Ghost Of Spring
Where you been my unsteady girl?
Heard you've been all over the world
Never one to rest your head
Every night in a different bed

Now you've found your way back here
Haven't seen you since last year
Spread your cheer and show your charms
You hold me in your faithless arms

Here last spring, now here again
Gone so long we all gave in
For all the joy and cheer you bring
You're just like the ghost of spring

Come to me my wayward stray
I know how to make you stay
Here before you do depart
Plunge this blade into your heart
Track Name: Red
Sometimes I see red
Sometimes it goes to my head
When I hear them say
Those unfair things behind your back
But it's nothing you said
They're so readily misled

A red-headed girl
Full of fire, full of life
Should stand on her own two feet
And all the old men
Full of spite and full of hate
Should all fall down in defeat

The bitter old man
Tells a lie, spreads his hate
He'd tear down the world without shame
And all of the rest
All too keen, all too mean
Accept where he places the blame

The red-headed girl, so easy to fault
Too eager to blame, too fast to find fault

A red headed girl
Full of smarts, full of brains
Should never give into the lies
The bitter old man
Who spreads nothing else but hate
All right-thinking people despise
Track Name: Let It Slide
Too mean, too green, too often obscene
In their UFOs as they fly around
Those men from Mars they drive fast cars
When they go to town and hang around

You got to let it slide, bide your time
And never let them get a rise
You can win the battle but lose the war
And that's what the green man's hoping for
Cos the green man's got it all
Cos the Martian's bought the law

Let it slide, let it slide
Bide your time, bide your time

Too rich, too proud, he got his head in the clouds
That Martian man with his alien ways
Born to rule, or so he thinks
But he doesn't know our human ways

You got to let it slide, bide your time
Cos the the revolution's on the other side
And though they think they own the stars
One day we'll send them back to Mars
Track Name: All Things Fade
It seems that all things fade
And not much stays the same
And everything's so sad these days
So much has gone away

I've cleaned my black suit and tie
And I've worn out my old dress shoes
Cos there's always someone's service to go to
Someone new

So many things I once knew
Have all but faded away
They live only in memories
But memory can fray

I don't fear my own passing
I just fear fading away
Though I know all is passing
I just wish some things would stay

I don't fear thoughts of dying
I just fear wasting my time
Cos time flies I don't know where
And time tries to leave me behind

So I turn my hand to crafting
These monuments in the sand
In vane hope that something lasting
Will come to be from my own hand

All things fade away

I got no time for people
Who would mess me around
Cos life's too short for
Living other people's lies

Cos in the end all things fade

I don't care to waste away
In dead end jobs
Where you're only making money
For the man

Cos in the end it's not worth the pain

I got no time to bow
Before authority
Won't live my life by
Other people's rules

Cos in the end all things fade
And in the end all things fade